I am a Self-Love life coach, an empath & a lightworker.

I work with womxn to live their lives and be the person the way they are through a Self-Discovery journey.

I live my life in simplicity & authenticity with gratitude, these form the core in my coaching practice.

Through an in-depth inner work I will assist you to find and accept yourself the way you are, and be brave to be your true self in this world.

I believe that we are ourselves the best guidance, by building a strong and trusted connection with our inner selves it will illuminate our path ahead.




The person who can lighten up your world ain't anyone but yourself.

Your love to yourself is the light in the darkest moment.

It’s now the time to ignite the light within you.


I work with strong and determined women who are not afraid of taking challenges and going beyond their edge. Continue personal development has become their habit because at heart they strive to become the best version of themselves.

However, as an action taker with forward looking mindset you constantly overwhelming and stressing yourself. Overthinking, high standards, rational mindset...these traits contributing to your personal success but also are the contributors to your constant inner conflict. You get drained and struggle in day to day life, but lacking the direction and courage to move forward.

Do you have a strong and trusted connection with your inner self?

Do you know who you truly are and what you truly want in life?

Do you love yourself just the way you are? Unconditionally?

They form the root cause of your current struggles, you might already aware of that however you are lacking the support and guidance to break through.

I can support You.

Throughout my personal self-discovery journey, I embraced the essence of Simple, True, Self. They form the foundation of my life coaching practice.

Simple, no matter how complicated and contradicting you are in nature, I can support you to find your own way to live a simple life, make simple choices, and be a simple person. This is a foundation for life transformation.

True, be true to yourself. I will hold a respectful and intimate space for you to openly express your true emotions and feelings. Face your authenticity & vulnerability, they connect you to your heart and unfold the inner wisdom. You are yourself the best guidance.

Self, find yourself. Accept and love yourself just the way you are, unconditionally. This is where it all begins, to live your life and be your true self in this world.


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