Hi. Welcome.

Do you believe that we create our own lives through our own creation?

Make choice in different life intersections. Create life experiences for ourselves to experience. Just to awake the asleep true identity and knowing from within.

I do.



I am a free spirit.

External achievements & possessions have never fulfilled me but made me question my true identity & purpose. Since 2014, I unknowingly started deep inner work through self-reflecting, reading, solo traveling, observing, and contemplating.

Gone through challenge after challenge, failure after failure, and breakthrough after breakthrough. I completed a significant life cycle and self-discovery journey, and I am here now.

I am awakened.

I know who I am. I am who I am.



I born in a hot & humid, prosperous & diversified southern city in China, Guangzhou.

I am Cantonese, so as my whole family & ancestors. That explained some inherent characteristics of mine; foodie, laid-back, travelholic, tricky & pragmatic.

I first visited Melbourne when I was 11s, spoke minimal English. During a 1.5 year stay, I've been mostly discriminated & isolated in a local primary school. I then returned to Melbourne when I turned 16s, this time I studied in an International school full of Asian overseas students. The grey first-time visit in Australia did not stop me to become a positive person, as I have made some local friends at the end with my authenticity. My grown-up experience is multi-cultured & diversified, in which truly built an open & acceptance perspective in my personal value.

I am a high achiever. I’ve obtained B.Commerce in Melbourne University, Master in Monash and I am a qualified CPA. My first and only full-time job is with a big 4 bank for over 8 years, I was a risk consultant participated in major projects. As an overseas student I achieved a fair share of attainments and my family is proud of me, but I wasn’t happy.

I was not being my true self, but I didn’t know who I truly am and what I truly want. I was been a people pleaser for years, not knowing what is meant by boundary and fear to say No. I had no direction, no goal, and no motivation in all aspect of life.

I was lost.

But compromise is not my way of living.

I stepped into a Self-Discovery journey.     



I am still in my Self-Discovery journey, it will be lifelong.

I become a life coach. I am showing up in the world.

I am stepping into a new adventure, full of challenges & unknowns but also abundance & fun. 

Unconditional Love & Compassion are the treasure I’ve obtained in my journey, I am sharing them along with my gifts & wisdom to the world.

I am going to be a lightworker. Ignite your light from within which will illuminate your path ahead.

Love. mm


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